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Deluxe Yacker Tracker Close Up


The Yacker Tracker was developed to help students self monitor the noise level in the classroom setting.

What to expect from your Yacker Tracker. We share this information with you so that when you think you have a defective unit you can verify what to expect from a correctly working unit.

• Unit can be used with Adapter (provided) or with 6 AA batteries (not included).
• The front of the unit contains a sound meter that picks up the level of noise in a room.
• Where the unit is placed or facing makes a difference (suggestion: do NOT place it near a door that will be constantly opening and shutting, or in the front of the classroom where direct instruction or writing on a whiteboard will take place as the unit will pick up on the closest noise).
• It is suggested that you try your Yacker Tracker® in different locations in your room to see which location best tracks the noise level in your classroom. Mounting on the wall will alleviate the problem of the unit being placed behind something that will block the microphone’s efficiency of picking up sounds.
• User has an option of Siren only, “Quiet Please” in English, German, French, Spanish or record your own 15 second personal message (toggle by pressing MODE button on back of unit). Noise must register for longer than 2 seconds before lights and sounds are activated.
• To record your own 15 second personal message, press and hold REC button and start speaking into the microphone (MIC) after you hear the first beep sound. Your recording will stop when you either release the REC button or when you hear a second beep beep sound after 15 seconds.

THEN: Make sure the adapter is plugged into the unit and the power cord is plugged all the way into the power outlet or, if using batteries, check battery position for correct polarity (+/-).

Otherwise, replace with a brand new set of 6 “AA” batteries. It is recommended to use Alkaline batteries.

THEN: Make sure you are in the Siren mode by pressing the MODE button to toggle through the various modes.

THEN: Return unit to the retailer or catalog from which it was purchased for exchange. Proof of purchase receipt is required.

The Yacker Tracker is designed to be used with the include AC Adapter (input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz, output: 9V DC 500mA).

Using incompatible adapters may result in damage to the unit.